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The Perfect Reason to Travel in New Zealand

This magical and stunning travel destination offers a unique blend of culture, adventure and nature; millions of visitors are drawn to this exquisite country every year. Travel in New Zealand can be enjoyed throughout the year.

During the winter months New Zealand offers snowboarders and skiers, a magnificent plethora of perfect fresh powder snow on the mountain slopes that is enjoyed all season long. The lovely long summer months reveal the best that New Zealand has. The warm days, private bays, sandy beaches and fantastic national parks with unique fauna and flora all come together to deliver a backdrop for a picture-perfect getaway.

A New Zealander’s favorite summer activity is camping in the wonderful outdoors and this pastime has spread to visiting foreign tourists on vacation in the country. Spending a night or two at any one of the top campervan parks in New Zealand has now turned out to be an institution, and one can see why. A traveler can park his campervan well on a beach front, in remote Backcountry locations or if they so wish in the centrally positioned urban surroundings, these camper parks let you really get intimate with nature and is a great way to travel in New Zealand. Additionally, the expense of lodging at one of the campervan parks will only be a tiny proportion of the costs of conventional accommodation options.

There are loads of campgrounds and camper parks dotted all over the country, chances are there is a stunning location with fantastic amenities and facilities waiting to warmly welcome you to an unforgettable stay. Good quality accommodation always positively affects the overall vacation experience. While, a poor night’s rest does the reverse and could ruin the trip, for this reason the establishments that are involved with the National Campervan Park Association operate and follow stringent performance guidelines. This in turn improves overall travel in New Zealand.

They must see iconic destinations to visit throughout the summer include the famous Bay of Islands, which showcases amazing coastal activities and environments. Anything from leisurely strolls along the water’s edge to sailing, they have it all. The spectacular Coromandel is renowned for pristine National Parks and dense forest; you can enjoy the inviting sandy golden beaches and healthy marine reserves. The highly popular Hot Water Beach can be found in this region. Where you can soak up all the healing benefits of a natural hot pool and reflect on your experience of New Zealand.